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Why We Inter?

WE International Education & Visa Pty Ltd is a reputable education consultancy firm specializing in providing comprehensive guidance and support to Thai students pursuing higher education in Australia. Our core services include expert educational counseling, personalized course selection, and tailored school recommendations that align with the individual aspirations and goals of students studying in Australia. Additionally, we offer efficient visa application services to facilitate smooth travel and onshore study experiences for international students. Our comprehensive range of services also extends to Thai tourists interested in traveling to Australia for leisure purposes, where we assist with visa applications and offer hassle-free airport transfer services both in Thailand and Australia.

Why We Inter?

WE International Education & Visa Pty Ltd is an education consultancy firm that provides expert guidance and support to Thai students seeking higher education in Australia. Our mission is to offer diverse study options to students and ensure they benefit from a rewarding and personalized international education experience. As a newly established company, our primary focus is on the Thai market, with plans to expand to other countries in the future.The founder, brings over two decades of experience in managing successful businesses both in Australia and Thailand.


Our mission is to empower Thai and international students with diverse study options in Australia, ensuring they receive the utmost benefits and satisfaction from their international education journey.


To become a leading market influencer in the realm of international education consultancy, study abroad facilitation, tourism services, and passenger transportation.

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